On The Sidewalk

Fireworks on the Walk


VR Photography

Create 3D spaces to show off your venue or real estate!

Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Increase Revenue at your Club

Kev Flanagan Schuler park

Vantage Points

Your audience could be anywhere, from a sunny park to a restaurant with dim lighting.

Open Source Initiative

Innovative strategy for Impactful Website

Design, Development & Support with Open Source solutions.

Flanagan Rocks | Web Design and Development with integrated SEO performance


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WCAG (web Content Accessability Guidlines) ensures that your website can be read by the largest audience possible. The majority of Adults wear either prescription glasses or readers, and in 2019, most reading is being done on mobile devices in virtually any environment.

A responsive website isn't just about making everything fit onto a small screen ... It's about anticipating the dynamic needs and environment of your reader.

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Web Design and Development with integrated SEO performance


Applying a patch

Commands that are used: curl patch curl PATCH-URL{.patch} | patch -p1 -p1 eliminates the 1st line of the file, which is normally a git command [-git]
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These are the semantic tags that were introduced with HTML5:

  • article
  • section
  • details
  • figcaption
  • figure
  • footer
  • header
  • main
  • nav
  • section
  • summary
  • time

In addition, consider the following tag sets for ...


USing GIT for continuous integration.

Things to consider:

  1. Migrating your codebase; Drupal 8 core - modules, themes, and libraries 
  2. Managing your files folder
  3. Managing your content (inside of the database)
  4. Managing ...