• Aug192019
    <HTML5 id='semantic' />

    These are the semantic tags that were introduced with HTML5:

    • article
    • section
    • details
    • figcaption
    • figure
    • footer
    • header
    • main
    • nav
    • section
    • summary
    • time

    In addition, consider the following tag sets for ...

  • Aug162019
    CI with Drupal 8

    USing GIT for continuous integration.

    Things to consider:

    1. Migrating your codebase; Drupal 8 core - modules, themes, and libraries 
    2. Managing your files folder
    3. Managing your content (inside of the database)
    4. Managing ...
  • Aug12019
    Who needs a Zookeeper?

    ZooKepper is a configuration management system for the Uberpopular web servicer, Apache.  


    Setting it up in Cent/OS 7

    Update the YUM repo configuration to know where the zookeeper rpm ...

  • Jul212019
    Topics for new blogs

    Cross App Scripting;

    Get ready for Drupal 9!

    Live Cycle management and GIT.

    features and management in Drupal 8

    What is Acquia good for?

  • Jul52019
    The Day After the Forth

    story here

  • May82019
    Migrating from D7 to D8 with Lightning
    1. create a space for the new Drupal 8 domain (d8-flanagan-rocks)
      1. make a Domain name
      2. make a directory for the base install (root will be inside of this)
      3. create a directory ...
  • May72019
    Lifecycle Management and Continuous Delivery

    Relate how Pantheon solves the problem of CD

  • May32019
    Front End Animation

    Animation adds a simple bit of polish to a page, perhaps ordering elements' appearance on the screen, or animating them as the screen is scrolled.

    Step One:

    Determine which twig to ...

  • Apr262019
    Volvo Pillar Cover - Rear, passenger-side door, (front edge)
    You have a 2008 Volvo CX-90 on you lot that has damaged rear passenger door,
    but the pillar covers on it appear to be fine.
  • Apr242019
    Automate The Delivery of VR Photos
    Integrating the Hugin photo stitch application into Drupal's Image Effect

  • devops
    Automate Dev Ops and get a Safer Development Cycle For Websites

    Advantages of working on a Managed service as opposed to a full hosting service